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Swingers Clubs in Virginia

Friction Parties

Friction is upscale sultry, erotic parties for attractive, HWP, modern couples and adventurous single females.

We look for sexy, stylish, well groomed, classy, couples & single females. You don't have to be a model or model material, but you do have to care about your appearance & maintain a stylish, attractive look.

Single males will be permitted for certain events.

Membership is ALWAYS FREE! You never need to be a paid member to attend any of our events! To remain a member here on this site, you MUST keep at least one real photo up in your profile or we consider this a "lurker" profile and will remove it! It does not have to show your faces and can just be a body shot with faces blocked or blurred, but one real photo must be up at all times!

We want a 100% real site with real members!

When you buy a ticket to one of our events you receive a limited time premium membership.

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Virginia's Secret

Virginia's Secret provides a fun and exciting environment for consenting adults to enjoy their uninhibited lifestyle. Explore your fantasies in a unique and exciting social Dance club atmosphere. Virginia's Secret is a Private by Invitation Only, Social Club catering to mature, open-minded adults.

Virginia's Secret is a friendly club for open minded adults. If this is your first time to a Lifestyle club then you picked the right place. Whether you're an experienced club go-er or just a bit curious, we offer a comfortable, no pressure lifestyle club environment for you to meet, eat, drink and be entertained.

We are all here to have the best times and share the uninhibited enjoyment associated with those who discover a new dimension to their lifestyle. When you visit our club and become familiar with the environment and meet some members, we are confident you will feel at ease.

Are you a bit shy? Don't worry. Many of our regular members will probably help "Break The Ice" by introducing themselves to you. It's their way of making you feel at home. There's never any pressure to do anything your not ready for, and if you simply want to sit and relax, then that's perfectly fine too. Feel free to ask questions and talk openly. You'll discover how helpful our regular members can be. Our members are polite, sophisticated and composed of a delightful variety of age (over21), culture, looks and styles.

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Virginia Friends

Virginia Friends is a completely different, relaxed, secure atmosphere. Here you are under no obligation to do ANYTHING you do not want to.

The golden rule is "NO MEANS NO!"

You actually get to meet, see and talk to the people from the very start. And there is no uncomfortable expectations on you.

Let me walk you through an idea of what you might encounter at a Virginia Friends social.

When you first arrive at one of our socials you will notice our events take place in a clean, safe, well maintained area at a nationally known hotel . If you are staying at the hotel you will check into your room (don't worry, the hotel staff treats you no differently than any other guest). If you have arrived early enough, between 3-5pm, you can register at early registration set up at the hotel lounge.

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Voluptuous Cafe

Welcome to the café where the fare is always hot, juicy and ready to drip down your chin, leaving it wet and sticky.

This is a place for the thick and voluptuous (medium sized) to the extra large (fat) women to find acceptance and build lasting friendships.

This place is for those with varying desires to find what they are looking for. From friendships to dating to more "spicy" options we hope you make some new friends, try some new things, and truly enjoy your stay with us...

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Central Virgina Swingers

Central Virgina Swingers, CVA Swingers for short, is a local swingers club for couples & select single ladies and single men with members ranging between 21-50, living in or around the Central Virginia Area who can meet for Full Swap adult fun. We are a non judemental group and are open to all levels of players though, from the novice beginner just starting in the lifestyle, to those with years of experience, and all those in between. There is never an expectation or requirement to do anything you don't want to, however, we do hope you will partake in all the fun available.

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OZWorld Parties

We host various parties once a month for our 700(+) members.

Our parties are fun and exciting. Here are some examples of what we have done and what we plan on doing in the near future:

- Various Clubs (on and off premise clubs w/ discounts)

- House Parties (from members wanting to host a party)

- Hotel Parties (small gatherings in 4-5 star suites)

- Meet and Greets

- Co-host with other groups and clubs.

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Hampton Roads Hookup

Regular meets in a hotel with a large ballroom.

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